Born and raised in Rome, Pizza Federicci  founder and pizzaiolo Pierfederico Ricci (known to his friends as Fede) knows all about good pizza.  A move to Sundridge in the heart of the Kent countryside meant an opportunity for a traditional authentic Italian wood-fired pizza oven at home, and Fede quickly started to enjoy making delicious pizza for family and friends.

When Fede became tired of life in the City, his thoughts naturally turned to pizza. Why limit a passion for creating great Italian food just for the enjoyment of family and friends? He leapt at the chance to travel to Venice to attend the Italian School of Pizzaioli, and having qualified as a pizza chef, Fede knows just what is needed to make the finest Italian pizza. Lots of hard work, lots of market research and lots of pizzas later, Pizza Federicci was born.


Our Commitments

  • To produce authentic Italian pizzas that our customers will love

  • To provide the best service to our customers every time

  • To maintain the highest standards of food safety and hygiene at all times

  • To support local businesses and reduce food miles by using local produce wherever and whenever it is available