Our Pizzas

Great pizza is all about using the right ingredients and time-honoured methods of preparation and cooking.

Our dough is freshly made by our own hands every day, using  ‘00’ flour from a UK mill.  It is allowed to mature for a minimum of 24 hours, making it easily digestible, so the good news is that you can eat and enjoy our pizzas without feeling bloated.  

Our tomato sauce is made using full-flavoured crushed plum tomatoes, and to ensure we give you the most authentic flavours and textures, we only use 100% Italian mozzarella.

While some of our other ingredients are imported from Italy to bring you a truly authentic pizza, we also believe in sourcing as many products locally as we can. This includes the veggies used in our pizza toppings which are sourced from  a local supplier wherever possible.  Some of these are even grown here in Kent, the Garden of England.

Our pizzas are Romana style, with a thin and crisp crust.  Once rolled to the perfect thickness, they are dressed with your favourite toppings and then baked in our wood-fired oven on board one of our specially converted vans, or on our trailer.

Heat builds up in the walls of the oven, radiating evenly around the dome, and at the same time, the hot embers from the fire heat the oven floor up to around 350°C. This means that our pizzas get baked from the top and from underneath in just 45-90 seconds; resulting in a deliciously crisp crust with beautifully cooked toppings and perfectly melted cheese.